Tech Stack

Our team uses the industry’s leading languages, frameworks, libraries, tools and technologies to meet the needs of our clients. At DIGICA, our tech stack is vast and includes:

Technologies we specialize in:


An industry-leading web server that runs 67% of the world’s webservers. Apache is open-source, free and secure.


Our team develops apps that are compatible with the Android operating system, which powers over 80% of smartphones.


Angular’s structural framework allows for dynamic web apps to be created rapidly by limiting the amount of JavaScript required for functional web applications.


DIGICA’s go-to option for creating dynamic web sites, applications and services that support a variety of web models.


Amazon Web Services allows us to utilize on-demand cloud computing with over 175 fully featured services and a pay-as-you-go model.


C# provides DIGICA with the option of creating desktop applications, games, web apps and mobile development, too.


An extensive, general purpose programming language that our team uses for in-depth application and system development.


Our team uses Git for its version-control system to track all changes we make during the development cycle.

Google Cloud

Google’s cloud platform is one of our top choices to deploy web applications, store data, connect to the Internet of Things and implement Cloud AI services.


Apple’s operating system that is utilized across the company’s key products, including the iPhone and iPad.


Our team’s choice for a robust, general-purpose programming language to build desktop client systems and applications.


MangoDB is a NoSQL database that is cross-platform. Our team uses MongoDB when dynamic schemas are required.


MySQL is our team’s go-to option for an open-source database management system that is ideal for web applications.


Nginx is an open-source webserver that our team uses for maximum performance and stability. The server is lightweight, requires minimal hardware to scale and serves static content rapidly.


NodeJS is a flexible language that allows us to create REST APIs and develop efficient, scalable systems.


Python is a versatile programming language that our team uses to develop websites, web applications and desktop GUI applications.


Facebook’s User Interface (UI) library that is ideal for building UI components.


Our go-to choice for all of our APIs that make client-side requests.


Apple’s multi-purpose programming language that allows our team to develop on iOS, macOS, watchOS and other Apple platforms.


XCode allows us to build and test iOS apps through an intuitive integrated development environment created by Apple.

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